Fireplace Robertshaw Millivolt Thermopile , 48-Inch HPC 114

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Product Description

Fireplace replacement part Fireplace Robertshaw Millivolt Thermopile , 48-Inch HPC 114 Replacement Generator for Millivolt. Robertshaw 48 Inch Thermopile - For MVK-N and MVK-P Millivolt Valve And Others. The MVK Millivolt Thermopile by Robertshaw provides a high quality thermopile replacement for the Robertshaw MVK-N and MVK-P series pilot assemblies. A thermopile is a device containing multiple thermocouples in order to monitor temperature differences in different metals to generate a small electrical current to control a switch in the pilot assembly system. The superior design ensures a long lasting and durable product to complete your system. Be sure to adhere to the manufacturer's listed directions and local codes when installing this product.

  • This is for 1 Robertshaw Millivolt Thermopile , 48-Inch
  • It will work for any size up to 48 inches
  • High Quality that's made to last!!
  • Replacement thermopile for safety pilot assembly
  • Intended for use with Robertshaw MVK-N and MVK-P safety pilot assemblies