Fireplace Electrical Skytech Fan Kit With Rheostat Speed Control FK-180-RT

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Product Description

Fireplace Electrical Fan Kit With Rheostat Speed Control FK-180-RT



The FK-180-RT Fan Kit has been designed as a retrofit or new fan kit to circulate room air through many hearth products in the industry The FK-180-RT operates on 120VAC, 60Hz power. The fan dimensions are 12-3/4'' W x 4-3/8'' H x 4-5/16'' D. Compatible with the Heatilator FK4 (old kit) and the GFK4 (new kit).

A speed control (FK-RT) is provided with the Fan Kit System to adjust the air output. The speed control will turn ON the fan automatically 7 minutes after the main flame has been turned ON and turn the fan OFF 12 minutes after the main flame has been turn OFF. There are four speeds, Hi, Medium Hi, Medium Lo, Lo and OFF. You can manually adjust the speed by pressing the FAN SPEED button on the FK-RT. The FK-RT will remember the last setting used and remain on that setting until changed.


  • F-180-1 Fan with two leads and a ground wire
  • FK-ESC - Speed control
  • Jumper Wire - used for IPI valves only
  • Jumper Wire - used to jump power strip when applicable


BETTER THAN OEM UNIVERSAL FAN KIT works with all fireplace applications that have either a millivolt or IPI valve system. How do I know? Millivolt valves have a standing pilot and will have 3 terminal connections on the valve. IPI valves are powered by a transformer.

Power must be provided through an approved factory installed junction box from the hearth product''s manufacturer.