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Watkins Spa Flow Switch Hot Spot 95-97 34831 - Hot Tub Parts

Watkins Spa Flow Switch Hot Spot '95-'97 34831

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This is the replacement for the 1995-1997 Hot Spot Z model (round spa) and the Y model (rectangle spa) 

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Technical Specs: The flow switch is located in the heater interlock relay coil circuit. When the switch is closed (proper flow), voltage is transferred to the heater interlock coil when the control thermostat calls for heat. Activating the relay allows the heater to activate. When the switch is open (low flow), voltage to the heater interlock relay coil is interrupted regardless of the state of the control thermostat. This prevents the heater from activating until the low flow condition has been resolved.

Symptom: A symptom of an open flow switch would be the low speed pump running constantly without the spa overheating. This flow switch will reset once the flow is restored. 

Troubleshooting: The following are some of the common causes of flow switch tripping;
* Dirty or Clogged filter
* Clogged intake
* Low Water level
* Air lock in the filter canister.
* Worn out flow switch (average lifespan is 10-12 years)