BBQ Grill Robertshaw 72 Inch Thermocouple Rotisserie Back Burner 1970-072

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Product Description

BBQ Grill replacement part BBQ Grill Robert Shaw 72 Inch Thermocouple Rotisserie Back Burner 1970-072  / BCP1970-072. Universal Fits Many Models.The 1970 Series Uni-Couple's unique design allows for installation to virtually all pilot burners. The versatile zip nut may be pushed, pulled or threaded onto the thermocouple's rolled threads for proper positioning in every application. The stainless steel tip (longer life), extended cold junction (greater voltage output potential), copper tube (corrosion protection with low electrical resistance), and lock washer equipped coaxial connection (resists loosening due to vibration or changes in ambient temperature) make the Uni-Couple the single most versatile thermocouple available today Used many BBQ Grill for their back rotisserie burner.

  • This is for 1 Thermocouple
  • High Quality that's made to last!!