BBQ Grill Viking 24" Burner Stainless Steel VIKT1 \15381

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Product Description

BBQ Grill replacement burner  Burner Stainless Steel For Viking 

This stainless steel SINGLE tube burner is a straight tube 24 inches long by one inch in diameter. On the top of the straight tube is affixed a flat heat shield. This is not the main curved tube burner used in Viking grills. (VIKT1)

This an after market part

  • Listing is for 1 burner.
  • 24 x 1 inch stainless steel straight venturi pipe burner
  • Fits Viking 316-911, VGBQ 30 in T series, VGBQ 41 in T series, VGBQ 53 in T series, VGBQ030-2T, VGBQ300-2RT/E, VGBQ3002RE, VGBQ3002RE1, VGBQ3002RT
  • Fits Viking VGBQ300T, VGBQ410-3RT/E, VGBQ4103RE, VGBQ4103RE1, VGBQ4103RT, VGBQ410T, VGBQ412-2RT/E, VGBQ4122RE, VGBQ4122RE1, VGBQ4122RT, VGBQ412T
  • Fits Viking VGBQ530-4RT/E, VGBQ5304RE, VGBQ5304RT, VGBQ530T, VGBQ532-3RT/E, VGBQ5323RE, VGBQ5323RE1, VGBQ532T, VGIQ300-2RT, VGIQ410, VGIQ410-3RT
  • Shipping Weight 2 pounds