BBQ Grill TEC Grill 1 Piece Factory Infrared Burner for Sterling 2, 3 and Patio II Brand BCPSTBAO OEM

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Product Description

BBQ Grill Replacement Part Infrared burner replacement for BBQ TEC Sterling 2, 3 and Patio II Grill Models.

    • Listing is for a single infrared burner.
      • Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with the replacements to verify you are ordering correctly.
        • This product will outlast most of the other manufactures' replacement burners'
          • Fits Sterling II and III, or Patio II grills. 2 series grills require 2 burner replacements, Sterling 3 grill requires 3.
          • This is the newer burner box.
          • Overall Size 8 inches  x 11 1/4 inches
            They taper at the bottom compared to the top so they will fit between the burner support rails.
          • The original burners were completely square that were used in the first couple of years that these models came out.
          •  Use STBAO (O is for old) if your burner looks completely square.
          • NOTE: the STBAO is the same burner as the STBAN, but it has a plate bolted to the bottom of it, to make up the difference in size between the old larger burner and the new smaller tapered burner.
          • The infrared ceramic burner replacements include a complete burner, except the screen. 
          • Burner Screens sold separately.
          • This is a new item.