BBQ Grill DCS Electrode Ignitor With Collector Box 06020

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Product Description

BBQ Grill Electrode Ignitor DCS 06020 With Collector Box
  • This is for a Single Ceramic electrode
  • Fits DCS gas grill models 27, 27 series, 27abq, 27abqr, 27bq
  • Also fits DCS models 27brq, 36, 36 series, 36abq, 36abqar
  • Also compatible with DCS models 36abqr, 36bq, 36bqar, 36bqr, 48, 48 series, 48bq, 48bqar, 48bqr
  • This is an after market part
  • High Quality that's made to last!!
  • ceramic electrode with wire and protective sleeve for DCS