BBQ Grill Capital SS Radiant Shield Tray 17 7/8" x 10 5/8" BCP10545-04 OEM

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Product Description

BBQ Grill replacement Stainless Steel Vaporizer Radiant Shield Tray for Capital Grill. BCP10545-04 OEM Takes 3-4 Weeks for Delivery. On this item it could take from 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks to receive item from manufacturer. Some items are in stock, but varies item to item.

    • 1 single radiant shield tray.
    • Our Capital radiant shield is a lot thicker than even other high-end grill manufacturers
    • Overall Size is 10 5/8 inches wide and is 17 7/8 inches deep, or from front to back
    • Capital Cooking Equipment: PSQ30RBI PSQ30RC PSQ30ZRC PSQ40RBI
    • Also can be a replacement vaporizer radiant tray for Capital barbecue grill models with the W burner 82321.
    • Note: The heavy stainless steel is made to radiate high temperatures so dripping grease and marinades are vaporized and add to convectional heat circulating inside the barbecue
    • Also, our radiant shields force rising heat to move around and through the holes in the stainless so heat is evenly distributed at the grilling surface