Arcade Shooter 90772


Brand: Swimline

Product Description

Arcade Shooter 90772

Kids love the squirt gun games they get to play at the county fair, theme parks and the like. Inspired by the classic carnival squirt gun race, the folks at Swimline bring you the exciting inflatable Arcade Shooter Pool Game! Watch your competitive nature come alive as you challenge your friends to a dual! This floating game measures 45" x 40" (114.3cm x 101.6cm) and comes equipped with two constant supply water pistols. The powerful built-in squirt gun draws water from the pool so you can play non-stop all day. The winner is the first one to shoot out all balls. Ready, Set, Go! Game is recommended for ages 4+. Arcade Shooter Game is made with high-quality vinyl construction for maximum durability with easy inflate valves that will get the youngster in the water faster.

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