Pool Chemical 1 lb Insta-Chlor Single Packet DIYCPIC001

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Brand: Oreq

Product Description

Pool Chemical 1 lb Insta-Chlor Single PacketDIYCPIC001 /  IC001. Highly effective, economical, shock that sanitizes, clarifies and prevents algae growth.

  • This is for a Single 1 lb Insta-Chlor Single Packet
  • Active Ingredient: 68% Calcium Hypochlorite
  • Removes chloramides
  • Safe with chlorine, bromine, and copper/silver sanitizer systems
  • Available in pails or convenient 1lb. pouches
  • Economical shock treatment
  • Restores sparkle and clarity to dull water
  • Promotes sanitizer effectiveness
  • Won't raise cyanuric acid levels
  • Shock/shocks